3 Location for your maternity pictures

If you are looking for outdoor maternity photo location in San Antonio-TX this is the post for you. As you start to plan your Maternity Shoot , you will need to choose a location. Here are 3 gorgeous outdoor maternity photo location ideas in and around San Antonio- TX.

These are just a few of my favorites spots.

Japanese tea garden

Located right in the beating heart of San Antonio.

The quarry was shaped into a complex that included walkways, stone arch bridges, an island and a Japanese pavilion.

It's a beautiful location.

Fees or Permits: $0 No Fees

denman state park

Located near the Medical Center. Denman Estate Park is another great location . There’s also a variety of other backdrops such as a bridge, ranch-like fence, and a lake in the center.

Fees or Permits : $0 No fees and permits

Cibolo nature center

I assure you will lake the setting this maternity location provides. It never disappoints even on a non-sunny day. It is a huge nature park with lots of tall, wispy grass and a river with huge trees along it. It’s a stunning location at sunset!

It's one of my favorite location.

Fees or Permits : Photo Permit is priced at $20